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Syrve - ChoiceQR

Syrve is an ERP-class POS system used by more than 15,000 restaurants. This is a complex system that includes warehouse management, kitchen, cash registers, personnel, reporting and finance. 

Integration with ChoiceQR

ChoiceQR implements all possible ways to integrate with Syrve without losing any functionality:

✅ full synchronisation and automation in the menu: items, their descriptions, prices are transferred automatically from Syrve to ChoiceQR and vice versa;
✅ information about payments at the table by QR — implemented through ChoiceQR and correctly reads information about tables and orders in Syrve;
all delivery and pickup functions – with data on orders, customers, their preferences. 

Integration with ChoiceQR expands the possibilities of Syrve and helps your restaurant earn more:

🔸 a colourful online menu in an institution or a website for delivery increases the average check;
🔸 flexible options for accepting payments online and payment at the table using a QR code increase the number of tips;
🔸 with the full automation, staff spends more time on guests and their service, rather than working with terminals, which increases customer loyalty.  

Syrve integration with ChoiceQR is your go-to method for expanding the capabilities of your venue, increasing sales and  improving customer’s loyalty.