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Wolt drive

Wolt Drive is a service that will cover your needs for high-quality delivery of orders to your customers

What is Choice integration with Wolt Drive

No hires , no manage, and no mistakes

  • Focus on order - not deliver

    You focus on what you do best, and Choice and Wolt Drive take care of the rest.

  • World-class deliveries in your city

    Wolt couriers deliver your orders in one hour or less. No need for extra chefs, staff, or space.

  • Manage your orders from one place

    Save time! Take all orders directly on one panel. Staff will have more time to serve guests instead of spending time on terminals.

  • Easy connection and full synchronization

    Orders delivered by Wolt couriers will automatically be reflected in Choice and POS. No manual order creation required.

Wolt Drive is your best partner for last-mile logistics

Easy to use

Order confirmation in 2 clicks. The system automatically searches for a courier who will come to you at the time you set

Track the status of your order

With live tracking, you and your customers always know exactly where the order is and when it arrives.

How Choice integration with Wolt Drive works

You can process all Wolt orders in the Choice Business app

How it works for your establishment

When a customer places an order, it goes to Choice Business and your POS system, you process it and hand it over to the courier service

How it works for your customer

The customer places an order in your placement, as before. Nothing changes for the customer

Wolt Drive integration is available to Choice customers with Smart and Pro plans

Connect with Choice and Wolt Drive today,

to launch delivery from your place as early as tomorrow, receive more orders, streamline and automate your business logistics without any worries about all the processes and operational issues.