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A restaurant website for delivery and takeaway orders

Launch your food delivery website with up to 20% conversion and no commission on orders.


  • A full-fledged sales website in your style with a 20% conversion

    A restaurant online ordering platform that reflects your brand’s identity and your unique domain. You get a stylish contactless menu, a block of recommendations for an order, online payment acceptance, and all the tools to increase your average check.

  • No commission on orders, unlike the aggregators

    No need to pay 30-40% commission. You can accept any number of orders for delivery and keep all the profit and customer base for yourself. Choice offers integration with taxi services via API if you don’t have your couriers. It allows you to immediately send orders by taxi to the client.

  • Integration with POS and all orders on display

    A restaurant website ordering system integrates with popular POS systems. There are also API integrations for unique systems. You immediately receive notifications of a new order in the Choice Business app or your POS system.

  • Customization of different delivery zones, packaging and discounts

    You can set any zones in the city for delivery, divide them according to different delivery conditions (time, cost) and improve the service for your customers. You can also add packaging, determine the price, for which menu categories it’s used, and set up discount conditions for delivery and take-out orders.

  • Immediately collection of reviews from customers

    Clients can rate the courier and dishes after successful deliveries. It allows you to control the team, improve service, and carry out additional stress tests for new items.

  • Increase of revenue through takeaways and pre-orders

    Regular customers and office workers can conveniently place pre-orders or takeaway orders, further increasing your orders. Then they receive order notifications - "Accepted", "In preparation", "On the way". Additionally, the order status can be duplicated in SMS.

Try Choice's delivery website and takeaway system for 14 days for free. And you’ll see how convenient and effective it’s for your business

    How it works?


    When a guest places an order you will receive a notification in the app. It can be installed on any device from smartphone to tablet. You won’t lose any order in mail or messenger with the Choice Business.

    When your app accepts an order, you will see all the data about the client, comments, and contacts. You can track if it’s a regular client or a new one, make a special offer or a compliment from the restaurant.

    You can easily set up recommendations for dishes in the admin panel. For example, your restaurant recommends lemonade and Caesar salad for pizza. It can help increase the average check up to 20% and increase the profit of your business.

    With each new order, you collect a customer base with data about your guests: who orders and how often, their favorite dishes and reviews they left. You can use the data to set up advertising campaigns, personal communication, bonuses and customer loyalty.

    What does your business receive with our solution?

    by 30%

    Increases your profits by avoiding the need to pay to third-party services and due to increased takeaway orders

    up to 20%

    website conversion. We use the feedback of 6000+ restaurants and hotels. And we constantly improve the interface for higher sales

    by 30%

    increases customer loyalty and marketing efficiency through thoughtful design


    commission. You only pay a fixed subscription to Choice, regardless of the number and volume of orders

    Choice already works with all popular services

    You can easily set up everything by yourself. Or our support team can help you.

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