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Integration with Glovo

Choice integration with Glovo is the ability to manage menus, items, process delivery orders from one device, and one Choice interface.

What are the features of Choice integration with Glovo?

No manual order transfers, no delays, and mistakes

  • 1 tablet for order management

    Now you don't need a separate tablet for Glovo orders

  • Team time savings

    A unified order management system will speed up and simplify the order processing for your team

  • Instant integration

    Connecting Glovo to Choice is a few simple steps

  • Integration with popular POS systems

    You take an order from the marketplace and it is automatically transferred to your POS.

Easy management of all delivery orders

Convenient menu management

Add and modify items in Choice, and all data will be automatically transmitted to the Glovo app

Quick processing of all orders

In one interface, you see all orders: both directly and from courier service apps

How Choice integration with Glovo works

You can process all Glovo orders in the Choice Business app

How it works for your establishment

When a customer places an order in the Glovo app, it goes to Choice Business and your POS system, you process it and hand it over to the courier service

How it works for your customer

The customer places an order in the Glovo app, as before. Nothing changes for the customer

Glovo integration is available to Choice customers with Smart and Pro plans

How to connect Glovo

If you have a STORE ADDRESS ID from Glovo, integration will take just a few clicks.

  • The establishment representative provides Glovo with the necessary data and signs the contract (according to the instructions)
  • Glovo provides STORE ADDRESS ID and a link to the menu file
  • In the Choice account under Integrations / Marketplace / GLOVO, you need to enter STORE ADDRESS ID and activate the integration
  • After integration, the old menu in the Glovo account of the establishment is turned off. Now the menu items from Choice will be displayed here. The establishment representative can configure what should be available in the Glovo menu.

Connect Choice with Glovo today,

to immediately optimize the delivery order process, simplify the team's work with aggregators, and don’t worry about all processes and operational issues. Integration with Bolt is also available, which you can learn more about here.