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QR Code Pay

Easy and secure way to pay without waiting for someone to bring the bill. Increases tips by 20% and reduces personnel costs by 30%


  • No need to wait the waiter

    About 20-30% of the guest's time is spent on waiting which could worsen the experience. Guests pay by QR whenever it suits them.

  • Increases tip up to 20%

    With QR payment, guest leave tips through the online methods. The establishment and staff receive more tips even if guests don’t have spare change.

  • No need to download, install or registering

    Your guests do not need to register or download any apps. They can see the bill and pay in just 10 seconds.

  • Share the bill between guests easily

    Guests can independently choose who pays for each item in the bill from their table order and leave an individual tip. Which makes life so much easier.

  • Best solution for POS integration

    All orders can be sent directly to your POS system. All data from Choice will be received in the real time.

  • No restrictions on payment methods

    QR payment works with all banks without restrictions, including Apple Pay and Google Pay. Improve your service without overpaying for customer loyalty and work optimization.

Try the Choice Table Orders for 14 days for free - you’ll see how convenient and effective it is for your business

    How it will work for you


    Choice easily integrates with your POS system and shows guests order status in a real time.

    After scanning the guest sees what was ordered and could pay the bill. After payment this table will be highlighted as paid.

    For each payment the waiter will receive a notification in the POS or app. The notification will contain information about which table made the payment and how many tips left.

    With every order you collect a customer base, allowing you to see, for example, who your most loyal customer is, how much, how often he/she orders or their favorite dish. You can also keep notes such as which part of the restaurant guests prefer to sit in.

    What QR code Pay-at-table provides to your establishment

    by 20%

    increases the average check - photos, videos, detailed descriptions sell more

    by 30%

    cuts costs - no more inefficient PDF or print menu

    by 30%

    reduces the possibility of negative reviews from customers being published - all feedback can be immediately treated on the spot

    by 100%

    safe for guests and your staff - the menu works contactlessly via a QR code or a link

    Choice already works with all popular services

    You can easily set up everything by yourself. Or our support team can help you.

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