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"Order-to-table" for restaurants and food courts

Get a tool which allows guests to order to table or reorder without the waiter using just the QR-menu. Reduce costs by 30% and increase profits.


  • Reduces personnel costs

    Guests scan the QR code at the table, pool or gazebo and order without a waiter. Your staff are only required to serve the order, meaning you need 2x less staff to serve all clients.

  • Complements the waiters’ work

    Ordering to the table can be an additional solution when the waiters are busy, allowing you to avoid negative feedback and receive more orders.

  • Increases the average check and optimizes the work of your team

    Guests scan the QR code at the table, pool or gazebo and make an order without a waiter. Customers order more, more often and your profits grow.

  • Never lose an order

    Immediately receive notification of a new order in the Choice Business app or your POS system. You can transfer orders to the kitchen immediately and serve customers as quickly as possible.

  • Accepts tips and motivates the team

    Customers can leave tips paying online. You can customize the default tip percentage. Our statistics show that in the first month tips increase by 30%.

  • Immediately collects feedback from customers

    After each order guests can leave a review. All reviews are collected in your admin panel, where they can be easily analyzed and processed, allowing you to immediately respond to negativity and avoid damaging reviews being posted online.

Try the Choice Table Orders for 14 days for free - you’ll see how convenient and effective it is for your business

    How it will work for you


    When a client has made an order on his own it will appear on your tablet or directly in the POS terminal. You can accept or reject it.

    You will see all order details - which table, if it's a new client or an old one, if the order has already been paid and even receive guest comments.

    Download all your orders for the required period conveniently and quickly to analyze the data and keep reports.

    With every order you collect a customer base, allowing you to see, for example, who your most loyal customer is, how much, how often he/she orders or their favorite dish. You can also keep notes such as which part of the restaurant guests prefer to sit in.

    What you receive with Choice Table Orders

    by 30%

    cuts costs - fewer staff are needed to serve guests efficiently

    by 15%

    increases the average check - guests leave more tips, since everything can be done online when guests don’t have cash available

    by 37%

    reduces the amount of negative reviews from customers - there are no queues, reviews can be immediately processed on the spot

    by 100%

    safe for guests and your staff - the menu works contactlessly via a QR code

    Choice already works with all popular services

    You can easily set up everything by yourself. Or our support team can help you.

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