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Wolt - ChoiceQR menu

Wolt – operates in 23 countries and more than 145 cities, delivering food from over 15,000 restaurants via over 25,000 couriers. Through our partnership with Wolt and POS integration, we pave the way to an automated order flow where everything in your system is unified.

Wolt Integration with Choice QR

Choice QR implements all possible ways of integration with Wolt:

✅ Synchronize and automate the menu (items, their descriptions, prices), and automatically accept and transfer orders. Have all delivery and takeaway functions — with data on orders, customers, and their preferences — in one place. No manual work, no delays, no errors.

✅ Set up menus instantly

Stop manually making changes for each platform separately. Change menus seasonally and generate changes in seconds. Take advantage of item-locking options if you are out of any of your products.

✅ Manage your orders from one place

Save time! Take all orders directly on one panel. Staff will have more time to serve guests instead of spending valuable time on terminals.  

✅ Take advantage of integration with Wolt couriers / Wolt Drive

Your customers will receive their food within 30–40 minutes of ordering. Wolt couriers will take care of that. You can just relax or log in to the admin panel of your company and watch your business grow.

Wolt integration with Choice QR is the key to growing your business, expanding your reach, and increasing sales.