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Rkeeper - ChoiceQR

Rkeeper is a specialized enterprise resource planning system designed to automate accounting in restaurants, cafes, bars, and food delivery services.  Rkeeper serves more than 65,000 customers.

Rkeeper integration with Choice

Restaurant automation

✓ Automate all restaurant processes and avoid mistakes and staff abuse.

✓ Keep correct management and financial records.

✓ Cash register, warehouse, staff, kitchen, finance, delivery, guest loyalty, and reporting – all in a single system.

Automation of ready-to-eat delivery services

✓ The integration of Rkeeper and ChoiceQR helps to ensure strict compliance with standards in all areas of the business and organize the efficient work of all departments, saving every second and preventing mistakes.

Automation of the loyalty system

✓ Implement a loyalty system to increase repeat visits and increase the average check.

✓ Use modern marketing tools.

A place with fast service

✓ You will be able to successfully combine high speed of service with an individual approach to each guest in your establishment. The system will ensure accurate and error-free work of the staff, and you will be able to fully control the business.

Integration of Rkeeper with Choice is a confident step towards the successful development of your business. It facilitates not only the owner’s ability to control but also simplifies workflows for the team.