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Poster POS

Poster POS - ChoiceQR

Poster POS makes running food service and retail businesses simple. One POS system covers all the issues: online cash register, warehouse, finance, analytics, delivery. The program is used by 14,000 restaurants in more than 100 countries.

Integration Poster POS with Choice

Comfortable workplace for waiters
We value speed, stability, and functionality. Therefore, the integration of Choice and Poster will allow you to easily and quickly work with orders, track sales, and manage your entire business.

Quick start
Instantly get ChoiceQR menu with a ready-made menu, which will be filled with your products and technical cards from Poster via synchronization.

Up-to-date content
Synchronization of menus optimizes the addition of dishes

All orders in a one app
Manage all orders and track their statuses

Track all stages
The accounting system helps to identify and eliminate any weaknesses. For example, kitchen efficiency or delivery logistics.

Discounts and promotions
Offer special offers to encourage your guests to order more.

Attract new guests and increase profits
Find out what your customer’s favorite dishes are, and what the average check is, see contacts, all orders. You will have complete information about each guest.

Automation of restaurant chains
A simple principle of restaurant chain management, regardless of the complexity of the structure. Centralized management of the entire system. Unified policy and standards

Save money and no longer print paper menus, forget about the commission of delivery aggregators. Enjoy the benefits of ChoiceQR and Poster integration.