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Glovo - ChoiceQR

Glovo a company whose creative and innovative technological solutions help connect customers, businesses, and couriers. Glovo operates in over 1,300 cities in 25 countries across the globe.

Integration of Glovo with Choice QR

Integrating Glovo and Choice QR will enable you to increase your business revenue in the following ways:

✅ A synchronized and automated menu: items, their descriptions, and prices are transferred automatically from Choice QR to Glovo. Wave bye-bye to manual order retyping, and say hello to automation. Avoid mistakes when manually retyping orders from food delivery platforms, and save your restaurant staff valuable time.

✅ A centralized order management dashboard: manage orders across all delivery platforms from a single dashboard. Monitor your orders from preparation to delivery. Take advantage of item-locking options if you are out of any of your products. Stop losing money on order errors.

✅ Delivery and takeaway functions — with data on orders, customers, and their preferences — are implemented through Choice QR, giving you access to accurate and customer-centric info in Glovo.

Integration of Choice QR with Glovo will help you boost sales and unlock new opportunities! Customers are ordering online now more than ever — be where they are.