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Reviews for your business

Collect all guest reviews from your restaurants: at-the-table, after delivery or even during the visit. Improve service and treat negative reviews before they appear on the web.


  • Immediately collects feedback from customers

    After a successful visit or delivery from a restaurant website clients can rate service and food and you can analyze your team performance, improve service.

  • Immediately notifications

    Receive feedback in the Telegram bot or set text message notifications and respond immediately. Reviews reduce the risk of guests "taking out" the negative on social networks. So, you can resolve the issue and turn the client into a fan of your brand.

  • More reviews

    You can send reminders by email to get even more feedback, analyze all the responses and export them to Excel.

Try Choice’s Reviews for 14 days for free. Let us show you how convenient and effective it’s for your business

    How it works?


    As soon as a customer has left a review, you receive a notification in the app. It contains an order number the review was left for.

    The administrator can quickly respond to a negative review, offer a bonus from the restaurant and settle the complaint. It helps to eliminate negative posts on social networks and other sites.

    You can see the average rating for each dish and staff in the admin panel as well as the history of all reviews.

    Reviews are a great tool to collect your customer data and guest contacts. You can use it for marketing and service improvements.

    What does your business receive with Reviews from Choice?

    by 20%

    increase the number of reviews. It's convenient and easy for guests to leave them

    by 60%

    reduce negative feedback from customers. You can immediately process all reviews

    by 100%

    safer for guests and your staff. Reviews work contactlessly via a QR code


    are integrated with all Choice services. You can get feedback on every visit or order

    Choice already works with all popular services

    You can easily set up everything by yourself. Or our support team can help you.

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