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QR Code Pay

Easy and secure way to increase gratuity up to 20% and lower the workload of your staff by 30%. Guests pay whenever it suits them without waiting for someone to bring the bill.


  • Payments without waiters

    About 20-30% of the time in the restaurant guests are waiting for the bill. Now they can scan a QR code at the table to pay their orders faster.

  • Gratuity increase up to 20%

    Guests don’t need to find the cash to leave a gratuity. They can do it with convenient online payments. And your restaurant will see an increase in received gratuity.

  • No need to download or sign up

    Your guests don’t need to sign up or download any apps. They can get the bill and pay it in just 10 seconds.

  • Sharing the bill between guests

    Guests can independently choose who pays for each item in the bill. They can also individually leave a gratuity.

  • Complete solution and POS integration

    All orders are accounted for in the POS system. The client uses a single QR code at the table for contactless menu, reviews, delivery and payment. All data is stored in the client's card, so you can see all of the details in one place.

  • No restrictions on payment methods

    QR payment works with all banks, including Apple Pay and Google Pay. You can improve your service without overpaying for customer loyalty and work optimization.

Try the “QR Code Pay” from Choice for 14 days for free. Let us show you how convenient and effective it’s for your business

    How it works?


    Easy integration with your POS system that shows guests the real-time order status.

    The guests scan the QR code, see their order, and then pay the bill online. You will see when the table is highlighted as paid in your system.

    Your waiter receives a notification in the POS or an app for each payment. The notification shows the table number which made the payment and how many gratuities the guests left.

    You collect customer data with every order. It allows you to see who are your regular guests, their favorite dishes, and much more. You can also keep notes such as birthdays, special dates, discounts, etc.

    What does “QR Code Pay” from Choice bring to your business?

    up to 20%

    increase in received gratuity at your restaurants

    by 30%

    lowering the workload for waiters

    by 40%

    increases guest loyalty with easy and fast service

    by 100%

    safe for guests and your staff. Payment works contactless via a QR code or a link

    Choice already works with all popular services

    You can easily set up everything by yourself. Or our support team can help you.

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