Launch your delivery site
in 48 hours

Full-fledged food delivery service with the function of online payment for restaurants
No commission
on orders and payments
Works without
third-party apps
25$ a month

Restaurant business problems you may have already experienced

Quarantine has already caused serious damage
Revenues of restaurants have decreased by 50%, the government imposes new restrictions, and taxes and expenses remain unchanged — business needs more money
Third-party services eat up all the profits
Aggregators and applications charge a higher commission — up to 40%. As a result, even with increased revenue, your business is not growing as fast as it could
People have a greater desire to order online and expect quality service
Your customers start choosing restaurants with delivery: where they can quickly order meals and pay online
Develop a website for delivery from scratch - long and expensive enough
If you start developing your website for delivery now, you can just lose 2-3 months and all the potential profit

Increase the revenue of your restaurant by 20-40% with Choice

Choice is a subscription service that solves all current problems of the restaurant business in delivery.
Profit your
Customers your
Design your
Support our.
We have developed a platform with useful features and a stylish design that sells — you manage the site and products without programmers.
We have set up a function of online payment via bank cards, Apple Pay and GPay — customers can easily order and pay.
We have reached a fair cost — you pay a fixed price for the service of 25$, and all profits remain yours. Choice has no commission.

90% of customers recoup the Choice subscription during the first week of using delivery

How it works

For you
For you
  • 1. You register at Choice

    Fill in the information about the restaurant, add menu items and provide contact information. Or we take care of everything and make a turnkey delivery service

  • 2. Tell your guests about the site

    Post a link to the site with delivery on Instagram, Facebook, Google My Business and in advertising. Place the QR code on posters in the restaurants, napkins and on the packagings

  • 3. Take orders from customers without intermediaries

    Motivate customers to make orders on the site, not through delivery aggregators. You take orders for delivery and regularly remind customers about your new site

For your customers
For your customers
  • 1. The customer goes to your site

    There is a stylish, modern web page with bright photos of dishes, detailed descriptions and design in your corporate colors. The customer browses the menu and adds items to the cart

  • 2. Makes orders through your service

    When all dishes are added to the cart, the customer only needs to choose the delivery address and method of payment: upon receipt or online by card, Apple Pay or GPay

  • 3. You take orders and deliver

    The customer gets the order, leaves a review and orders again directly from your restaurant. The customer is satisfied, and you get recommendations and all the profits

1000+ restaurants already use Choice for delivery


Why Choice is profitable

We have taken into account all the details in the service so that restaurant business owners get the maximum benefits and support, especially now — during quarantine and restrictions
AggregatorOwn site
Time, needed for the launch2 days7-14 days30+ days
A programmer is needednonoyes
Cost of development25$ /month-$1000+
Updates and improvementsyou get it automatically with a subscriptiondepend only on the aggregator$2000/year

Try Choice now to take delivery orders in 2 days and increase revenue by 20-40%